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June 13, 2017

Summer means fun road trips, vacations and enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, it also means traffic and sometimes too much heat. When the Denver roads are full of tourists and the sun is blaring down on you, it can be easy to get agitated and angry. It is all too easy to slip into road rage and get into a dangerous situation during the summer.

Do not let these beautiful months get you up in arms. Continue reading for summer safety tips and how to avoid road rage.

1. Be mindful of the heat

You know it is going to be hot, and hot weather can easily lead to crankiness, so prepare ahead of time. Make sure you take a cold bottle of water or two with you whenever you drive, especially for an extended trip. Crank the air conditioner to keep yourself cool, calm and collected.

2. Roll up the windows

While you might enjoy rolling down the windows and feeling the breeze, it can actually increase the chances of road rage and injuries. Other drivers can easily shout at you when your windows are down and get a reaction out of you. If you get into an accident with the windows down, debris may fly into your vehicle and injure you.

3. Combat the glare

Proper visibility is necessary to drive safely. You must see bicyclists, pedestrians and other cars in order to avoid them. With the sunshine in high gear, the glare can affect your ability to see. Make sure to wear a hat with a visor and sunglasses whenever you drive during the day.

While inclement weather during the winter months contributes to accidents, you need to take precautionary steps during the summer as well. Do not forgo safety tips while you are on the road and having fun. If you get into a collision this summer, enlist the help of a personal injury attorney.

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