Reasons to be Wary of Buzzed Driving

Jul 11, 2017

Before becoming completely intoxicated, most people have a feeling known as being “buzzed.” This is when a person can slightly feel the sensation of alcohol but is still mostly in charge of his or her motor functions. To lower the number of DUI arrests that take place every year in Colorado, it is vital to inform the public of what truly constitutes drunk driving. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, over 26,000 drivers are arrested yearly for driving under the influence. Many assume they are fine to drive if they are only buzzed, but that can be misleading.

At The Paul Wilkinson Law Firm, our drunk driving accident attorneys understand the specifics behind the rules of the road in Colorado. If you need a personal injury attorney or car accident attorney or have been impacted by drunk driving, Call Paul today to reinforce your case with the best legal help in Colorado.

Colorado has stricter laws.

In Colorado, motorists can be charged if caught driving with a blood alcohol content percentage of 0.05. This qualifies as a DWAI, meaning “driving while ability impaired.” A BAC of 0.08 still constitutes a DUI. However, this all means that driving with a BAC of 0.05 could still land a person in jail.

It doesn’t take much to reach 0.05% BAL.

For some people, it may only take one drink to hit 0.05. First, it is important to understand what is considered one drink. Most standards hold that one drink equals 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of hard liquor, which for these purposes is anything that is 80-proof. For a woman who weighs 100 pounds, one drink can immediately result in a BAC of 0.05. Men have a slightly different scale since their bodies process alcohol differently. For example, a 100-pound man with one drink would get a BAC of 0.04. Those interested can consult the graphs provided by Business Insider.

Another component is how often drinks are consumed. A person with two drinks in 60 minutes instead of one alcoholic beverage would have an even greater BAC. Therefore, even if a person is only feeling buzzed, it is still advisable not to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.


Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Rather than risk getting behind the wheel after a couple of drinks, it’s best to avoid this practice altogether. Our legal experts are in your corner at The Paul Wilkinson Law Firm. We can provide legal advice and counsel and represent you if you need a personal injury or car accident attorney. To learn more about our extensive list of legal services, contact us today by scheduling a free consultation or calling 303-333-7285. Legal help is just a phone call away when you Call Paul.

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