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August 7, 2018

With the recent increase in motorcycle accidents in Denver, the last thing you or any other rider should be is unprepared. You may already know about the dangers you face when you are on the road with other motorists. But you may not understand why you are at a substantially higher risk for brain injuries if you are in an accident.

Take some time to learn how brain injuries from motorcycle accidents can change your life so you can take measures to reduce your risk of receiving them.

Understand how brain injuries happen

Your brain is a very fragile organ surrounded by your skull for protection. When you are riding on your motorcycle without a helmet, the only protection your brain has from impact and penetrating objects is your skull. That is not enough cushion to protect it. When you fall off your bike or crash into another vehicle or object, the force of the collision is enough to whip your head, neck, and body back and forth in abnormal ways. There is also the possibility that you may forcefully hit your head on an object, have items fall onto your head, forcing your brain to smash onto your skull, damaging the blood vessels and soft tissues inside.

The impact of brain injuries

Brain injuries range in seriousness. They can be so mild that the only symptoms you experience are shock, a mild concussion, and short-term memory loss, disability, or nerve damage. Brain injuries can also be severe and traumatic. Signs of traumatic brain injuries include nerve damage, long-term memory loss, personality changes, long-term disability, organ failure, loss of cognitive functions, and death. It is not uncommon for traumatic brain injury victims to need ongoing care and support from their friends, family, and medical professionals for the rest of their lives.

As a biker, you do not have much of the protections that passenger vehicle operators have. However, wearing a helmet and safety clothing can reduce your risk of brain injuries and help to protect your spinal cord from damage as well. You cannot predict the date and time where you may end up a victim of a car accident. But if you are wearing a helmet and safety gear when it happens, your chances of surviving without a serious brain injury are much higher.

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