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October 4, 2017

Navigating around semi trucks on Colorado roadways is never fun for the drivers of passenger vehicles. Large trucks tend to drift in and out of their lanes and are known for having numerous dangerous blind spots. However, by following certain tips, there are ways motorists can safely share the roads with big rigs and other large commercial vehicles.

Those who find themselves driving next to a large semi truck should take no chances. For example, many drivers want to speed up to cut off a truck that is attempting to move into their lane as this can slow them down. However, speeding up puts them at major risk for getting stuck in the truck’s blind spot, potentially causing an accident. Further, trucks cannot stop as fast as passenger vehicles, meaning a truck may not be able to stop fast enough if a passenger car darts in front of it.

Drivers of passenger vehicles should also be careful when attempting to pass a truck on the highway or on other major roadways. When passing, drivers should give trucks extra space and make sure that the truck is visible in their rear view mirror before moving back into the lane. Drivers should also avoid being in truck blind spots if possible.

Even if motorists make attempts to drive safely around trucks, they could still become involved in truck collisions if the drivers of the trucks lose control over their vehicle or becomes distracted. If an accident does occur, those involved are at serious risk for suffering catastrophic, life-changing injuries. A personal injury attorney may file a lawsuit against the liable truck driver and the company that hired the driver if negligence can be established.