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June 8, 2017

Whether you’re cruising through Denver’s city streets or making your way up I-70 for a ride into the Rockies, you face unique dangers and hazards on a motorcycle than those driving in passenger vehicles may not. Because there is so little protecting you, should you take a fall, the injuries you may suffer in a motorcycle crash often outweigh those suffered in traditional car crashes in terms of severity.

Educating yourself is one of the best methods of increasing motorcycle safety, so as a rider, it is important for you to know that many motorcycle crashes result from:


Per RideApart.com, alcohol is a factor in about half of all bike wrecks. You face enhanced dangers if you imbibe before getting out on your bike, but you also face risks posed by other potentially impaired drivers who may be less likely to see you or react quickly enough to avoid striking you.

Cars turning left ahead of bikes

The best way to avoid an accident caused by a car turning left ahead of you, which is the single most common cause of motorcycle accidents, is to try and anticipate the actions of other motorists as much as you can. Assume that other motorists may face distractions, or that you are in their blind spot, and proceed with extreme caution to minimize your chance of suffering an injury in such an accident.

Cars changing lanes

Because you can prove harder to see on your bike, many motorcycle accidents and fatalities are the results of cars changing lanes and striking motorcycles who are already in them. Most drivers simply do not anticipate motorcycles around them in the same way they do other cars, and this often has deadly ramifications. To reduce your risk of an accident with a car maneuvering between lanes, first, stay vigilant and try to avoid traveling in blind spots. If you are not sure where those blind spots are, here is a good rule of thumb: look in the side-view mirrors. If you cannot see the motorist’s eyes, odds are, the driver cannot see you, either.

It is the time of year when many Coloradans and visitors are taking to the roadways on bikes, so recognize the unique hazards you face in doing so to improve your chances of staying safe. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, call the attorneys at the Paul Wilkinson Law Firm and get the compensation you deserve.

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