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Why truck drivers have fatigue

As a motorist, you face risks every time you drive near commercial trucks on the roadway, and those risks tend to increase when the people driving those trucks feel overtired. Trucker fatigue is a common and unfortunate reality across America, and when truckers drive in such states, they endanger you and everyone else on the road.

So, what is it that is making so many commercial truckers drive while fatigued? The factors leading many truckers to drive while exhausted include:

Pressure to adhere to tight schedules

Truckers often must cover many miles in a given day, and they generally must to do so even when road conditions are less than ideal. For example, most truckers still must meet deadlines when inclement weather conditions exist or when traffic or road construction is causing backups. Some trucking companies also pay their drivers by the mile, which encourages drivers to cover as many miles as possible to pad their paychecks.

Changing schedules

Many truckers get their assignments on a day-to-day basis, meaning they often do not know where they have to go tomorrow and cannot, therefore, plan accordingly as far as rest. Without knowing the next day’s assignments, it can prove difficult to schedule time for adequate rest, which further exacerbates truck driver exhaustion and enhances roadway dangers for you and other motorists.

Insufficient time at home

Even when truckers do get time off to go home and visit their families, the time is often fleeting, forcing them to cram what little time they have full of appointments, family activities and so on. Because truckers are often busy during their downtime, this can make it hard for them to catch up on rest, and before they know it, they are back at work commanding heavy, potentially dangerous vehicles without adequate sleep.

While truckers can take strides to enhance your safety by prioritizing rest, their employers also have a duty to help their truckers avoid driving fatigued. Otherwise, anyone traveling the roadway runs the risk of involvement in an accident with a fatigued truck driver.  

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