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Study finds aggressive driving to be relatively common

Colorado drivers may be interested to learn that nearly 80 percent of participants in a July 2016 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety admitted to experiencing road rage at least once in the prior year. According to that same study, about eight million American drivers engaged in extreme road rage activities such as intentionally hitting another vehicle or getting out of a car to confront another motorist.

Poor driving, busy traffic and general stress were cited as factors that may lead to road rage. In some cases, the perceived offenses of other drivers were relatively minor in nature. The study found that roughly 90 percent of respondents feel that aggressive drivers are a threat to their safety. Roughly 66 percent found that aggressive driving was a bigger problem today than it was three years before the study took place.

Male drivers as well as those between the ages of 19 to 39 were more likely than others to behave aggressively behind the wheel. Furthermore, men were three times more likely than women to get out of a vehicle to confront a driver or hit another vehicle on purpose.

Car crashes may result in serious injuries such as concussions, broken bones or whiplash. If a driver is negligent in causing a crash, he or she may be liable for any financial damages that an injured victim may incur. Negligent actions might include texting while driving or failing to stop at a traffic light. Compensation may pay for medical bills or help make up for lost wages or future earnings.

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