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Why seventh-inning beer sales cutoffs may not be enough

Few things in life are better than going to a Colorado Rockies game with friends or family. And, of course, if the Rockies win, that is a huge bonus. However, drunk drivers may strike and injure some fans or people driving near the stadium after the games.

The Rockies cut off beer sales in the seventh inning and limit patrons from having more than two beers at a time. This helps ensure that guests behave responsibly after the game, but the policy is not foolproof.

Inning length is variable

Some baseball games move along at a rapid pace. Some are slogs. Some have aspects of both, with lightning-quick innings alternating with turtle-slow innings. The point is that it could be, say, only 45 minutes from the beer sales cutoff to the ending of the game, possibly even shorter. In many situations, 45 minutes is not enough for someone to sober up enough to drive.

Alcohol affects people differently

A seventh-inning cutoff may be okay in some situations for a man who has a high tolerance of beer. For a woman, however, it may not be. Senior citizens’ bodies also do not break down alcohol as well as their younger counterparts’ bodies do. Anyone who is also on medication is at extra risk of experiencing negative repercussions such as causing a crash when drinking and driving.

Celebrations continue after the game

There is also the fact that some people go to bars after a game and drink even more. This can make them more likely to get involved in car accidents, causing emotional and physical suffering.

People who are driving in the vicinity of Coors Field after a game need to take care. Traffic is heavier, and some drivers may be too intoxicated to drive safely. An attorney can evaluate a victim’s case and help navigate the process of recovering compensation when that is necessary.

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