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Common causes of trucker distraction

One of the biggest risks to driver safety in Colorado is trucker distraction. Distractions create a real and present danger for motorists who drive near distracted semi-truck operators. Truckers drive for long hours on the roads and are not immune to the temptations of distracted driving. They often perform multiple functions to operate their vehicles safely. When visual, cognitive and manual distractions are present, truckers who engage with them are not able to give the roads, motorists and pedestrians the attention they deserve to keep them safe.

Using navigation systems

Drivers must transport their shipments to different delivery points. This may require them to travel in areas they are not familiar with. To ensure timely delivery and reduce the chances of becoming lost, many truckers use navigation systems. Some program their navigational systems while they are driving on the roads, causing them to lose focus on what is going on near and around their vehicles and with other motorists.

Sleeping at the wheel

Many truckers spend so much time on the road that they do not get enough rest before they start their shifts. Many of them also become bored of driving the same roads so often and may resort to daydreaming and zoning out. These factors can cause them to lose focus on what is going on with their trucks and cause them to make driving errors that result in vehicular accidents.


Truckers are frequently on tight deadlines and do not have enough time to take breaks to eat. They take their meals on the roads with them. Truckers who eat and drink beverages while they are operating their vehicles exhibit both visual and manual distractions. These factors can slow down their response times and significantly increase their risk of collisions with other motorists.


Many truckers text and drive, although it is against the law for them to do so. They resort to texting so they can keep in touch with friends and family they may not normally get to talk to because of their long work hours. Truckers who spend their time texting and using their cellphones instead of focusing their attention on the roads are more likely to speed to make up for any delays, as well as miss traffic signals and signs and the actions of other drivers.

Distracted truckers are a common occurrence on the roads and a big danger to motorists and pedestrians. Anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of a car accident that involves a distracted truck driver should speak to an attorney about the situation to better understand the legal ramifications.

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