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Handling a road rage situation

According to AAA Foundation, nearly 80 percent of drivers experience road rage or significant anger behind the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers several types of behavior to be road rage, in particular when a vehicle operator commits traffic offenses that can put people or property in danger, or when a driver or passenger uses a car or other vehicle as a weapon against other vehicles on the road. Road rage is considered a criminal offense, as opposed to aggressive driving, which is a simple traffic offense.

How to avoid the problem

We recommend taking steps to avoid road rage situations. Be considerate on the road. Although you may not be the one to blame for the conditions that cause another driver to become aggressive and angry on the road, you should be prepared to take countermeasures to deescalate the situation should you encounter someone enraged. Practice safe driving by following these tips:

  • Do not yell at or otherwise try to confront the other driver
  • Avoid making eye contact
  • Do not make obscene gestures
  • Do not repeatedly honk
  • Do not be reckless with your own driving, for example, braking suddenly or swerving

These behaviors may only cause the other driver to get angrier. Instead, pull off to the side of the road or into a public parking lot. If the driver continues to behave aggressively, call 911 or find a police station. Lock your doors and wait. Do not approach the other driver. Someone who is bad at handling stress may be looking for a fight. It's more important for you to stay safe and get home. Don't try to teach the other driver a lesson.

Think about your own behaviors on the road as well. Don't tailgate or switch lanes without using a turn signal. Always check your blind spots to ensure that you aren't cutting someone off. If you are experiencing road rage, you need to find a way to calm down before you hurt someone. It's completely understandable that many people get angry at other drivers, but it's what you do with that anger that matters. Find a way to process your feelings without doing damage.

Accidents happen, because this problem isn't going away

If the worse happens and there is an accident, call emergency services first. Take care of your injuries and talk to the police. Then seek out an experienced personal injury attorney who may help you receive the settlement you need to move on with your life.

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