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4 tips to drive safely in Colorado winter weather

Wet weather conditions can be deadly for motorists. For example, five Colorado motorists died in separate weather-related crashes in the same day recently. No matter if it is raining, snowing or the roads are icy, Colorado gets its fair share of hazardous conditions. Avoiding accidents and personal injury is possible when you follow some safety tips.

1. Make your car more visible

The most important step to take is making sure other motorists can see you. Being seen by motorists is easy. The main thing you should do is turn on the low-beam headlights. Colorado law states that headlights should be on while you use your windshield wipers in the rain. Having these lights on will let other motorists notice you from the front and back.

2. Ensure you can see

Not only should other motorists notice you, but you should make sure you can see the road, other motorists and pedestrians clearly in winter conditions. Consider these tips:

  • Make sure your windshield wipers do not leave streaks.
  • Your defogger should be able to keep your windows clear.
  • Turn your low-beam headlights on at night to deflect glare from wet roads.
  • Clean the inside of your windshield of any dirt or other buildup.

If you cannot see out of your car, you are at a higher risk of getting in an accident. Follow the above steps to make sure you can see clearly.

3. Slow down and leave distance

Wet roads means your tires have less traction. Your steering, stopping and accelerating abilities are all impacted by wet roads. Take this into consideration and slow down for stops and turns earlier than you typically would. Leave ample distance between your vehicle and those in front of you. Do not underestimate the effect that less grip can have on your ability to slow down or steer.

4. Lose the cruise control

If you have a habit of using cruise control, resist the temptation when there are wet driving conditions. Sometimes you must avoid hydroplaning by releasing the accelerator. This requires a quick reaction time-something that cruise control does not give you. Put yourself in control and avoid cruise control.

Winter weather makes driving riskier for everyone, especially if you are sharing the road with big trucks. Now that you know these tips, you can prepare yourself during adverse weather conditions. Follow safety measures and do not become another personal injury or fatality statistic. If you get in a car crash in wet weather, contact a personal injury attorney for guidance and representation.

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