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The most common truck driver errors that contribute to accidents

Accidents involving trucks are often caused by truck driver errors. Impaired truck drivers take unnecessary risks, make poor judgments and react slowly to traffic dangers. If you are injured in a trucking accident, you should look into the role of the driver and trucking company in the situation. Learn about the most common errors made by truck drivers.

Driver fatigue

Fatigue refers to exhaustion or lack of sleep. Common causes of truck driver fatigue include:

  • Driving for longer than is legal due to the desire to make more money.
  • Attempting to meet tight deadlines that cause drivers to travel more miles than is allowed.
  • Following orders from the trucking company to drive regardless of complaints of fatigue.

A fatigued truck driver can easily fall asleep on the road. Trucks are large and heavy vehicles, meaning they pose a significant danger when being driven by a driver who is extremely tired.

Ignorance of blind spots

Truck drivers should be trained and informed about their large blind spots, called "no-zones." Diligent awareness is required for truck drivers to anticipate where passenger cars are located. Changing lanes and making turns should only be executed when a truck driver has made sure that no car is in a no-zone.

Drug use

Federal regulations prohibit truck drivers from using controlled substances except for prescriptions for drugs that will not affect the ability to operate a vehicle. Trucking companies are also required to perform drug and alcohol tests on their drivers. Some truck drivers violate these regulations and take controlled substances that cause impairment.

Evidence for driver errors

Many trucking companies utilize electronic data recorders to record information regarding patterns of speeds, when brakes are used and how long the driver is on the road. Victims of trucking accidents should ensure data from this type of equipment is preserved.

Seeking help

The various causes of trucking accidents can make them complicated. More than one contributing factor may be involved. Lack of understanding of how the trucking industry operates can stop trucking accident victims from seeking compensation. A motor vehicle accident lawyer with industry knowhow can help you understand your situation and how to get information from necessary sources.

If you remain confused and distraught over your trucking accident, seeking representation from a motor vehicle accident attorney can help you make sense of your situation. Legal advice and representation can help you move forward where you thought you would be stopped in your tracks. Learn more about what to do if you are a victim of a truck accident.

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