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5 tips to safely share the road with large vehicles

You might not think about it, but sharing the road with semi-trucks and large commercial trucks can be risky. These vehicles weigh a lot more and take a lot longer to stop than cars or motorcycles. Their maneuverability limitations and size can make them dangerous and even deadly. Follow these safety tips when sharing the road with semi-trucks.

1. Give them space

Remember that semi-trucks take longer to slow down than cars do. Do not cut in front of a semi-truck or brake suddenly in front of one. Keep a lot of distance with the truck behind you. If the driver is tailgating you despite your best efforts, move into another lane to keep yourself safe.

2. Let them pass

If you are driving in the slow lane with a trucker behind you, you should get into another lane at least momentarily. Trucks are often prohibited from passing cars using the left-hand lane. If you notice a truck driver close behind you in the slow lane, do them the courtesy of moving over and letting them pass in the slow lane.

3. Get out of their blind spots

All cars have blind spots, but semi-trucks have them even worse. Their blind spots are a lot bigger. If a driver does not see you and makes a lane change, it could easily result in an accident. These blind spots are often referred to as "no-zones." Make sure you can see the driver in the side mirror of his or her truck. If you cannot see them, they cannot see you. Move ahead or slow down a bit so you can see one another.

4. Do not tailgate

Driving too closely behind a semi-truck or other large vehicle is even more dangerous than tailgating other cars. First of all, it puts you right in one of the large blind spots. Secondly, a sudden stop by the trucker could cause your car to slide under the trailer. Be especially mindful of this if there is an oversized load.

5. Give them space during turns

The turning radius of a semi-truck is significantly more limited than that of a car. When a truck is turning right, be sure to leave them space to not risk an accident. Do not try to squeeze by or else you may get stuck between the truck and curb. Anticipate wide turns and stay behind the truck until it successfully makes it around the turn.

However cautious you are, accidents can always happen. If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident, consult with a personal injury attorney to seek compensation.

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