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Dogs crash car into Wal-Mart


When we think about car accidents, most of us envision high-speed, reckless behavior, or perhaps unsafe driving while under the influence. However, car accidents can come in all shapes and sizes, as one car owner recently found out the hard way.

The West Virginia owner of a car decided to make a quick stop at her local Wal-Mart while her two dogs were in the vehicle with her. In an effort to be a conscientious pet owner, she left the engine running to keep the cab properly cooled by air conditioning. Details of the accident are scarce, but the dogs managed to get into a bit of trouble while she was inside the store, somehow putting the vehicle in motion and crashing it (rather slowly) into the front of the Wal-Mart building.


Reports indicated that no humans or dogs were injured in the accident, and the damage to the building and the car was relatively minimal. However, it is easy to imagine how the accident could have been much more damaging, if the car had managed to hit a child or elderly person in the parking lot, or if the car had drifted into nearby traffic. While the woman is to be commended for the care she took to ensure her pets were not in danger of overheating while in the car, it is a good lesson to learn that danger (however slow moving and adorably fluffy it may be) can come from unexpected places whenever motor vehicles are involved.

Car accidents almost always leave some damage — it’s just the nature of a large moving object colliding with something else. For those who have been involved in a car accident, no matter how slight the accident may seem or how hilarious the causes may have been, the representation of an experienced attorney can help compensate their losses fairly and protect their rights.

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