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May 2016 Archives

Current safety standards not protecting motorists from deadly truck crashes

Getting into an accident with a large commercial truck is already a dangerous situation for drivers, but an underride collision can prove especially deadly. The majority of underride collisions occur when a smaller vehicle rear-ends a semi-truck trailer and goes partially or wholly under the trailer. These crashes are often the most dangerous of all collisions involving commercial trucks, especially if the roof and upper portion of the passenger compartment shears off during the crash.

Charter bus accident leaves 8 dead and 44 injured

Bus travel has long been a staple of transportation in the United States. While buses do offer an affordable alternative to flying for intercity and interstate travel, those savings can come at a cost. For a number of reasons, charter bus accidents are surprisingly common and surprisingly deadly.

Motorcycle Safety Month celebrated in May

Winter driving is largely limited to four-wheeled vehicles like passenger cars and trucks. But now that the weather has gotten warmer and the daylight hours are increasing, there is a greater variety of vehicles on Colorado roads. This includes bicycles and motorcycles.

Distracted driving still a threat: Learn about common distractions

Think about the last time you drove your car. As you drove down the road, how many times did you look at your phone, adjust the radio and find yourself looking off into the distance because you were thinking about something other than where you were travelling. These minor lapses can lead to major problems for you and everyone else on the road.

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