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January 2016 Archives

If you get into a car accident, what should you do?

No matter how many time you have been in a car accident before, the experience is traumatic. It takes a while for the shock to wear off, and it takes a lot of composure to stay calm and keep your emotions in check after a wreck. The most difficult thing after an accident is dealing with all of the procedural steps -- but they are critical, and you need to take those steps to protect yourself and your interests.

Winter driving and the hazards of flying ice from other vehicles

One of the biggest news stories last week was the snowstorm that immobilized much of the East Coast. Although we don't need to worry about that storm here in Colorado, we all understand just how many problems a big snowstorm can cause - especially for travel.

Fleeing man triggers fatal multi-car crash in Denver

A tragic car accident involving four vehicles in Denver left two people dead and many others injured. The crash happened after firefighters received a call about a man sleeping in his car. When the firefighters arrived on the scene and knocked on the window of the man's vehicle, the man suddenly woke up and drove off. He eventually slammed into another vehicle. Two other vehicles ended up being involved in the crash -- one of which was carrying five people, all of whom needed to be hospitalized as a result of the wreck.

Survey: Most people know texting while driving is dangerous, but people do it anyway

Is there anyone who doesn't recognize that texting while driving is dangerous? A recent survey by State Farm Insurance revealed that 98 percent of drivers understand the danger associated with texting while driving, but 36 percent of the respondents admitted to engaging in this risky behavior anyway.

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