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How fatigued drivers cause truck accidents

We know that driving while fatigued is dangerous for anybody, but this is especially true for commercial truck drivers, who may be operating the largest, heaviest vehicle on the road. At the same time, truckers frequently test the limits of their stamina. Despite federal regulations limiting the number of hours a semi truck driver can stay on the road, fatigued driving is a particular safety problem in the trucking industry.

Though anyone who has ever gone a night without sleep knows what being exhausted feels like, how does lack of sleep affect the human body? A website provided by the National Sleep Foundation has the facts.

Sleepiness or fatigue can cause the following symptoms:

  • Impaired reaction time and judgment
  • Vision problems
  • Difficulty processing information and with short-term memory
  • Decreased performance, vigilance and motivation
  • Moodiness and increased aggression

As readers can see, none of this makes for a reasonably safe motorist. Drowsy driving has been compared to drunk driving, but unlike with drinking and driving, there is no clinical test to determine if someone was too sleepy to drive. However, some signs, such as a lack of skid marks or evasive maneuvers before impact, may indicate that fatigue was a factor.

Though truck drivers frequently face time pressures, there is no excuse for putting other peoples’ lives in danger. Employers that tolerate or encourage this type of risky behavior may also be liable for any injuries victims suffer in crash involving one of their trucks.

Please contact a personal injury attorney for more information.

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