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Using technology to keep your teen motorist safe

If your child is either learning to drive or has recently learned to drive, you are likely anxious about keeping him or her safe. This anxiety is understandable. After all, it is now common knowledge that teen drivers have a more significant chance of perishing while driving during their first year as motorists than at any other time in their driving careers. As if that wasn't enough reason for worry, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that more teens die while driving during the summer months than during any other time of the year.

So, how can you keep your teen motorist safer and ease your own anxiety? One potential answer to this question may surprise you. Technology is currently one of the main reasons why teens are involved in fatal or otherwise serious crashes. When teens are distracted by their cellphones, other portable electronic devices or even by their vehicle's radio dials, they become more likely to be involved in a crash. However, technology can also help teens prevent crashes.

The key to using technology to keep your teen motorist safe is to embrace technology in a conscious and limited way. In addition to setting limits on the ways in which your teen may interact with technology while driving, you can install certain technological tools designed to help teens prevent crashes.

For example, you can purchase a vehicle that has a backup camera, lane drifting alerts and other crash prevention technology built into the vehicle. You can also download apps designed to monitor your teen's speeding habits and designed to turn your teen's cellphone off while he or she is behind the wheel. By researching the kinds of tech that are right for you and your teen, you can go a long way towards keeping him or her safer.

Source: Reading Eagle, "Kids and Money: Tech tools can keep your teenage driver safe," Steve Rosen, June 22, 2015

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